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for the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace.

SAE4D steering group profile

Name: Dr Jeremiah Majaheni (Jerry) Gule
Employer: TOTAL South Africa (Pty) Limited
Job title: General Manager: Marketing & Services Competency Centre

Reasons for joining SAE4D: The company has a long standing commitment to transformation which in it has prioritized initiative since the signing of the Petroleum and Liquid Fuels Charter in November 2000. Pursuit of this commitment has been demonstrated in many ways, including a strong drive foster disability inclusion and integration both in the workplace and in areas where we serve our customers. So TOTAL promotes diversity in all its forms and strives to remain relevant and be a good corporate citizen. At a personal level my involvement in the SAE4D is based on the premise that “equality is enshrined in the Constitution and in the Bill of Rights that all South African are to be treated with dignity and respect. The workplace is a perfect platform for ensuring that Constitutional values and fundamentals and human rights are observed. It is a privilege for me to serve our committed companies and the general community in this way. I am convinced that the work of the SAE4D is critical for transformation and gives an advantage to a seriously marginalized population. By working together companies are able to collaborate and grow in their capabilities to advance people living with disabilities.

Name: Suman (Bobby) Barua
Employer: ABB South Africa
Job title: General Counsel
Disability status: Born with cerebral palsy, use motorised wheelchair & walker

Reasons for joining SAE4D: I am interested in ensuring employers proactively incorporating people with disabilities in the workplace so that employers and fellow employees can realise that employing disabled people is part and parcel of the diversity of the workplace, and for people with disabilities to make meaningful contributions to society.

Name: Losh Pather
Employer: The Larimar Group
Job title:  Skills Development Manager

Reasons for joining SAE4D: The Larimar Group are committed to the meaningful Transformation of our workforce. We employ several employees with disabilities on the Technical and Operational side of the business and have successfully integrated them into our workforce.

At a personal level I believe that respect and dignity is key critical to human values, I am honoured to serve as an Executive member of SAE4D as it is an opportunity to share learning and build partnerships to advance people living with disabilities into the world of work.  It is through education and understanding that people living with disabilities can secure employment and contribute meaningfully. There are several pieces of legislation that supports the appointment and advancement of people with disabilities in the workplace namely Our Constitution; Employment Equity Act; Skills Development Act; BBBEE to name a few, however we should transform because it is the right thing to do.

We welcome the insights and learning shared amongst employers and would like to participate actively in the objectives and goals of the SAE4D.

Name: Versha M. Rowjee
Employer: ABB South Africa
Job title: Business Development Manager: Mergers and Acquisitions
Disability status: Born with Spina Bifida, wheelchair user

Reasons for joining SAE4D: When I entered the job market, even with a university degree, I realised that there was a need for awareness and sensitisation in the workplace on inclusion of people with disabilities into all levels of employment including professional positions. We have legislation in South African that supports this principle but are still falling behind on implementation.

South African Employers for Disability (SAE4D)