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Dubai airport - sucks!

I travel to or through Dubai a few times a year.  I hate their attitude when it comes to dealing with people with disabilities who use motorised chairs, like myself.  Its always a struggle to get your chair from them if you are transitting - all kinds of excuses: security risk; its too late - the chair has been transferred to your next flight; we will assign someone to push you around (which is not the point  - I want my own freedom; but even then they dump you in one spot and you don't see them again until its time to board); its too much trouble to get your chair to you.  All hogwash!  Their attitude stinks and they have no inkling of disability rights.  In stark contrast - I have always found Jhb Airport and SAA in particular to be completely empathetic, understanding and willing to go the extra mile.  Well done Jhb Airport and SAA.  I would chose to fly SAA any day over any oither airline.  As for Dubai Airport - you really suck.


Versha Rowjee wrote on 22 Feb 2012
I had the same experience travelling via Dubai from India to South Africa. They said that my wheelchair was and had to be transferred to the connecting flight with the rest of the luggage. Our wheelchairs are just things and or luggage to them and so are we. That is an overall perception even in society when in fact our wheelchairs are extensions of us and create mobility and enablers. Our wheelchairs do not ‘bind’ or restrict us and hence we require that handling thereof also be done with care and respect.

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